About Me

I am not your average Star Wars fan.  At 26, yes I grew up knowing about the movies,
yes I watched them (and most definitely loved them), but I was not a die hard fan.  And
then in 2006, I finally screwed up the courage to talk to one of my all time favorite
fanfiction authors - Shawn30.  Unbeknownst to either of us, it was the start of a
wonderful friendship that deepened to a completely unromantic platonic love.  It was his
stories that got me interested in the Star Wars universe.  I became an AVID
Anakin/Padme shipper, soaking up his work with each new story.  And then in 2008, he
challeneged me, a seasoned fanfiction writer in my own right, to do a Star Wars story.  I
hemmed and hawed about it for several days, and then decided, what the heck.  So my
first SW story was born from that challenge - Shattered Balance.  And now, this site is
coming from my love for the universe and my idea to begin writing more Star Wars fics.

My absolute favorite character is Padme.  The strength, poise, command, confidence
intelligence and just pure awesomeness that is Padme Amidala Naberrie Skywalker drew
me like no other.  Despite her tragic end, she was one of the most influential and key
figures in my mind in this universe.  Next to her, I also love Leia and Ahsoka.  The
women of Star Wars just kick ass so much ;)

Right now, Shattered Balance, Only For A Moment and Savoring The Moment are my only
published SW stories, but I'm working on other Padme/Anakin one shot ideas and have
some ideas for Obi-Wan and Ahsoka one shots later down the road.  Thanks for visiting!